The Divine Battle
Motorcycle Stunt Fantasy Spectacular

What happens when a tournament of gaming masters blows down the boundaries into the real world? Mighty heroes from the imagination and powerful gods of the supernatural engage in an epic supercharged clash of metal.  The roar of engines and the wail of guitars ring out in a fuel injected, fantastical battle for the kingdom of legends. Who will survive the realm of the gods? Motorized American Technology meets the ancient legends of China in a pulse-pounding display of turbo-charged action bringing the best of Eastern and Western culture together in an awesome moto-spectacle that crosses all boundaries!

Five gaming masters come together for a championship match reviving the ancient heroes of Chinese lore up with modern motor technology! An immersive environment filled with audience participation, inspiring visual effects, IP Characters, incredible aerial displays, and high octane motorsports come together in an epic battle and live spectable for the ages!