Song & Dance Shows

Mirage creates choreography based upon traditional styles, cultural themes or any script / storyline and adapts the dance to fit any venue.


Blending the best between athleticism and the artistic, Mirage dance productions are designed to inspire, excite and dazzle.


Mirage has adapted to the evolution of dance and live
show productions. Utilizing popular content and innovative technologies, Mirage song and dance productions bring a fresh style to live entertainment.


With a keen focus on what is trending in social media,
YouTube and other creative outlets, Mirage customizes the latest song and dance elements to create cutting-edge productions.

• Choreography
• Music Production – Score
• Lyrics
• Pageantry
• Set Design
• Costume Design
• Artistic, Acrobatic & Stunt Integration
• Casting
• World Class Talent
• Production & Operation